66 blocks and accessories

66M 50-pair punchdown block with bracket
Cat5e 66-block set<br>with cover and bracket.<br>Pack of SIX sets.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Regular price: $140.00
Sale price: $89.00
<p>66<u><font color="#FF0000">B</font></u> blocks &amp; accessories</p>

These blocks have six clips across, and can hold more wires than the 66M blocks.

Quarter-size 66B block handles 6 pairs, 6 columns across.<br>Great for residential wiring.
66-Block capacity booster, pack of 10
Special Service circuit markers for 66 blocks, packs of 25
Bridging Clips, for one wire or two wires
Jack2Block test adapters
Unique "TDAE Block" provides plug-in connections<br>to CO boards and 16-port extension boards<br>on Panasonic KX-TDA and TDE systems
VersaBlock with 8 modular jacks <br>& attached cable with <br>25-pair plug
A GREAT IDEA. Punch down or plug in. Your choice. Great for installing and testing. Makes it easy to install voice processors & 3-piece cordless phones.
Tailblock with attached cable and 25-pair plug

A big time-saver. For Panasonic & other phone systems. Available with male or female connectors.
Double Tailblock

Save space, save time, and save money.
66M split block with 25-pair connector, male or female
Very useful time-saver. Use any length cable. Also available with two connectors.
66 Block with 12 4-pair modular jacks

For ATT, Lucent, Avaya phone systems, and LANs.
66 Block with 12 2-pair (4-conductor) jacks
66 Block with eight 3-pair (6-conductor)  jacks
Hubbell patch/block with 16 6-position jacks.
Hubbell patch/block with 12 8-position jacks.
Compact 66-block with 25-pair connector & cover
Metal backboard holds two 66 blocks or compact patch panels.