Empty patch panels:
Install your own connectors.

Empty patch panels: <br>Install your own connectors.
Make your perfect panel.

These high quality reinforced steel patch panels are pre-numbered and punched out to accept any combination of "keystone" modules (phone, data, video, fiber optic, etc.), so you get exactly the panel you want.

We have a self contained mini-panel, plus 19" wide panels that can be mounted on standard 19" racks or wall mount brackets.

8-port vertical panel, with mounting bracket

Holds 8 devices. Same size as 66M punchdown block.
16-port empty patch panel
1.75 inches high (one rack mount space)
32-port empty patch panel

3.5 inches high (two rack mount spaces).
Inserts for empty patch panels <br>(scroll down on linked page)
Mounting brackets & wall racks