Bulk Wire & Cable (without connectors)
for phone and data

<font color="#FF0000">Bulk Wire & Cable</font> (without connectors)<br>   for phone, data, video, audio

PhoneGeeks.com offers a wide selection of top-quality wire and cable for phone and data installation. It's usually packaged in 1000-foot "pay-out" boxes or on reels.


Category 3 wire was originally developed for voice and low speed data applications. Category 5 was originally developed for high speed data, such as 100 Mb/s Ethernet. However, when it was determined that Category 5 did not reliably support Gigabit Ethernet, Category 5e (enhanced) was developed. Since there was only a small price premium for Category 5e, the market rapidly shifted to the better cable. Although Category 3 can continue to be used for voice, many installers use Category 5e, or even Category 6, for "future-proofing."

  • Wire and cable are not eligible for free shipping.
  • We ship from several locations, and will try to ship from a location close to you to minimize shipping cost and travel time.
  • Other wire and cable is available. Please call or email.
  • Colors of outer jackets may vary from illustrations (unless color is specified in description).
  • Prices shown are for 1000 feet, unless noted otherwise.